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Welcome to Cheapest Car Insurance by Pay As You Go Insurance!  We are a one stop resource to locate the cheapest car insurance available.  Out site is different than most other insurance websites.  You see, we aren’t affiliated with any single carrier like many of the other, supposedly unbiased insurance quote websites.  You can rest assured that we aren’t going to pigeon hole you into buying from any single carrier.  This site is designed with the sole purpose of finding you cheap car insurance quickly.

Car Insurance Quotes

The simplest way to reduce your auto insurance rates is to shop around for the best prices.  We provide a simple way to receive auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers in one, easy step.  We provide a complimentary quote form at the top of nearly every page of our website. Our quote system is handled by an accredited third party vendor that uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure that all your information is kept secure and confidential.  All you have to do is fill out the quote form and you will receive car insurance quotes within minutes.  The quotes will be provided by accredited insurance agents that are licensed to sell car insurance in your state.  Once you have received the quotes you can compare and contrast to help find the cheapest car insurance.

Auto Insurance Requirments

Auto insurance requirements vary from state to state.  Our quote system will automatically ensure that you are quoted for at least the minimum insurance requirements for your state.  However, the minimum liability requirements for most states does not provide much protection.  Many people select the minimums in hopes of getting the cheapest insurance possible, but they leave themselves open to future liability.  We encourage everyone to purchase enough coverage to protect you in an accident, and cover any damages caused to your vehicle.

Thank you for visiting us and please refer your friends and family.  Feel free to utilize the resources we have provided.  We will continue to add information to help you find cheap car insurance.